Established in 2006.

NiteoIT Solutions is a leading talent development company with proven track record of building skilled man power for various industry requirements. Our service include Skill Development, Professional Certification, Staffing & Outsourcing, Virtual Learning, Government business and IT Infrastructure.


We offer some of the cutting-edge learning solutions to our clients, partner companies. We tailor our services to meet the unique needs of each client. Some of the trainings we offer include.

Our training programs offer:

  • IT & ITES Training.

  • Soft skill and English training.

  • Assessment Services.


We are one of the preferred vendors for our business partners in the Public sector like DRDO, DMDE, DRDE, DRDL and DGQA. Our services for our Public sector partners have been appreciated since inception. At NiteoIT we focus at providing proficient just in time resources that converges the inevitable need(s) of our clients on a contractual basis.

We serve as the knowledge partner for the Government of Andhra Pradesh

Virtual Training

NiteoIT’s virtual learning program is an eLearning initiative to provide convenient, personalized and affordable training to students and working professionals. We provide online training courses for IT Networking, IT Programming, IT System Administration, Project Management, Database Management. Our Virtual training solutions are in